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PQ Measurement

Is the electrical power supplied to your facility safe for your critical equipment?!

Electrical energy is actually a product of some kind, and just like any other product, it should satisfy certain quality requirements; failure to do so may result in business downtime through premature hardware defects and/or software disruptions. Furthermore, due to high wiring impedance, it is possible that the supplied power is not entirely compatible to the attached devices, causing all sorts of invisible problems! In other words, although a complex process to determine, the attached electrical load might be either guilty, or a victim to potential site electrical problems. Using the best power quality analyzers in the industry, we can detect potential problems, documenting every single anomaly or incompatibility event in real time! This will make an objective assessment towards the quality of the supplied electrical power to the facility through the Mains AC grid, and/or via a standby Generator, thus making sure that is suitable for your critical equipment, and within the acceptable safe limits specified by the European directive EN60150. If not, certain corrective actions can be taken on time, before electrical disturbances cause any downtime inconvenience to the operation.

Clean power means continuity

Clean power for technology is much like clean fuel for cars. Most electrical disturbances do not cause an outright destruction. They degrade systems in an invisible manner, until one day sudden damage may occur, causing higher maintenance and service bills in addition to potential loss of business due to downtime. Power quality problems can be identified and resolved using the on-site measurement report. Recent studies have shown that almost 80% of premature electrical equipment failures are caused by power quality related issues, and in this case, prevention is better than cure!

Importance of power quality measurement service:

    ♣   Have an overview about the quality of supplied power and determine whether it's within acceptable limits.
♣   Help detect and prevent power quality issues before they can cause any downtime.
♣   Make sure that attached load is well-balanced, and any harmonic distortions are within acceptable limits.
♣   Decrease emergency service calls.  Maximize the equipment's life-span.

Why it's important to know all of that?!

In a critical operation like industrial sites for instance, where heavy motorized machines are integrated in the production process. It's very critical to know whether supplied voltage to the 3 phase motors is well-balanced. That means, each phase voltage should not differ more than 1 % from the average of the three. Also, unbalanced current should not exceed 10%. The phase shift between voltages of the 3 phase lines should be close to 120˚. If that is not the case, then it will causes high unbalanced Currents in stator windings resulting in overheating and reduced motor life. Over temperature might operate the over heating protection stage causing downtime. That can cause degradation for the motors till that premature defect happen. Harmonics also are expected at industrial sites because the use of adjustable speed motor drives. Harmonics can cause transformers, conductors, and motors to overheat. Therefore, measurement can show whether Total harmonic distortion THD for both of current and voltage are within safe limits (20% max for current & 5% for voltage) based on EN50160 standards for supplied electrical power. We could measure harmonics and inter-harmonics up to the 50th. Harmonic number indicates the harmonic frequency. For instance, the first harmonic is the fundamental frequency (50 Hz), the second harmonic is the component with two times the fundamental frequency (100 Hz), and so on. The harmonics sequence can be positive (+), zero (0), or negative (-), as illustrated in the table below:


Positive sequence harmonics try to make a motor run faster than the fundamental; negative sequence harmonics try to make the motor run slower than the fundamental. In both cases the motor loses torque and heats up. Harmonics can also cause transformers to overheat. Even harmonics disappear if waveforms are symmetrical, i.e. as equally positive and negative.
Zero sequence current harmonics add in Neutral conductors. This can cause overheating of these conductors. Current distortion is to be expected in a system with non-linear loads like DC power supplies. When the current distortion starts to cause voltage distortion (THD) of more than 5 %, this signals a potential problem.

Load sizing study

Power Quality Measurement can be conducted also to size load and study its characteristics (continuous power consumption, peak power demand, power factor, crest factor, total harmonic distortion, etc.). That is highly recommended when there is new project to integrate emergency GENset, 3 phase UPS systems, capacitor bank, harmonic filter, or voltage stabilizers within an electrical installation. It's definitely very smart investment in that case to avoid undersized or oversized system's scenario.

Are you tired of your facilities and equipment being damaged?!

HS Power has the technical experts and the top of the line electrical testing equipment in the global market which is FLUKE 435 power quality analyzer. We can help you to make sure your operation is not interrupted by invisible power quality problems, and that your expensive heavy machines life span are not minimized. Please contact us at any time to set up the power quality assessment for your entire operations. An ounce of prevention is worth ... and saves you time and money.