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HS Power is an integrator and supplier of a wide range of UPS and renewable energy products. We provide power solutions
consistent with only the highest of standards in quality, commitment, and exceeding excellence at unparalleled level. We
deliver total quality managed power that will guarantee clean and continuous power for domestic, commercial and
industrial sites. Our mission is to provide green & uninterruptible electrical power, which is the reason why we offer our
customers custom tailored solutions that affords them the luxury of never having to worry about their electrical power
again. Beside the standard products line, we can design different customized UPS and solar power configurations based
on customer demand.

One stop shop for Renewable Energy Solar Power Solutions
If you are looking for solar energy solutions for your home, business or industrial site, we can design and supply for you
a complete package. We do have the expertise in designing on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar systems, matching components
specifications, and sizing cables/overcurrent protection devices. That will guarantee the functionality and safety of your solar
installation for decades. Solar power systems have no moving parts. That means silence operation. Its 100% green energy.
Besides that, most of the solar installation components have very long life span. Warranty for some components can go up
to 25 years!.
Solar power systems can be ideal replacement for diesel generators in remote areas, where neither mains power nor GENSet
are available. In such case, solar power system is called off-grid. Unlike diesel generator, off-grid solar power system has the
following advantages:


        No expensive fuel, it works on solar light & batteries, that's all.
♣   Zero emission.
♣   No oil spillage.
♣   No fluids to replace no engine coolant, no water, etc.
♣   Zero noise.
♣   No rotating parts (silence operation).
♣   No wearable parts
♣   No periodic maintenance is needed.
♣   No fire or explosion risk.
♣   No smell

Therefore, beside the environmental advantages, it saves a lot of time & money.

Power Quality Analysis Service
HS Power provide independent, leading and reliable power quality measurement services for all industry types. No matter the
symptoms of the power quality problems you do have, HS Power has some of the most experienced engineers, only the best
state of the art equipment, and an exceptionally experienced leadership team, all dedicated to one simple goal, your
complete and utter satisfaction. Improving power quality can bring significant financial benefits. Conclusion drawn from
Power Quality assessment report can minimize downtime significantly and much increase your electrical equipment life
span. We can assist your business optimize its return on investment and get the most work from Mains/GENsets
supplied power.